Party of the dead of Lena Hades

Партия мертвых, Полиция истины Хейдиз, ИСТОРИЯ ПАРТИИ МЕРТВЫХ, 1 часть, ПАРТИЯ МЕРТВЫХ, ХЕЙДИЗ, 2010 ГОД, party of the dead by lena hades was founded in 2010 — Party of the Dead is a collective of the artist Lena Hades and invisible dead activists founded in Russia in 2010. Their performances, art exhibitions seek the Truth – the artistic and scientific knowledge about Death itself, Party of the Dead was created to research the Truth, and also combat abuse and exclusion of the dead and to offer them an opportunity to group themselves (see the post published in LJ in 2010

This largest and most horizontal party uses the flag of LHS (Lena Hades Skulls). The flag of the First Russian Party of the Dead is colourful, because every dead human being distinguishes all colors, hears all sounds, knows all about afterlife but has no physical body to transfer knowledge to the living human beings

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