There were numerous attempts to destroy the memorial in past 240 days…




There were multiple raids by the members if the SERB radical organisation during which flowers, placards, posters, photographs, candles and baskets of flowers — brought by supporters and followers of Nemtsov — were simply dumped into lorries and taken in an unknown direction. This is an ongoing struggle with the Gormost (the city corporation that maintains the bridges). I remember how on one April evening, an employee of Gormost stood on the bridge with a large black bag in which he collected all the flowers brought to the memorial. Once I had to stand and personally rescue the bouquets. It was raining, strong wind was blowing around, and — as always — there was a Gormost man with a trash bag… I did not allow the bouquets to lie on the pavement, and so they would not end up in the trash I collected them. The bouquets accumulated into a mountain (because endless crowds of people brought and brought them) — and suddenly the other volunteers appeared. Gormost employees retreated and we laid out a huge sign “БОРИСЬ!” (“FIGHT!”) made of flowers.

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